Objective 1. To learn the functions of different audio recording devices and how they can serve your audio needs.
Objective 2. To learn how to use recorded sound in an audio editing program to add more depth to your concept.
Objective 3. To immerse yourself with the sculpture involved in Dance/ Draw by Cornelia Parker called Hanging Fire.

Assignment (10/20/11): Think of a story behind Hanging Fire. It could be a creation story. A story of destruction. A story of being frozen in time. Then think of how to turn this story into sound only.
Post a blog entry with 1 to 3 ideas that you would be interested in working on. We will be discussing these ideas in class on 10/27/11

Here are some examples to get your juices flowing! And by juices I mean blood. Blood in your brain!

1>THIS AMERICAN LIFE (airs on NPR Sundays at 3PM)
or you can search the archives at
This is a weekly themed radio show that combines narration, interviews, music, and sound effects, to tell stories.

2>BEINGS OF SOUND- Casey Rocheteau
Sound effects combined with spoken word poetry to create an atmosphere and enhance the words.
She is a nationally recognized slam poet that now resides in Providence, RI.

3>WAR OF THE WORLDS- by H.G. Wells read by Orson Welles
Broadcasted on Sunday, October 30, 1938 as such a realistic rendition of a news report that people actually feared that Earth was being abducted by aliens! Historic piece of audio work and don't you forget it.

4>LIFE IN A BOTTLE- Chavella Lee- Pacheco
(Current 3rd year Fast Forward student) This was her first audio project and it still rules.

5>SONG ABOUT A DREAM- Dimitri Giannopolous
(Current 2nd year Fast Forward student)
This was his first audio project and has more of a musical base than most of the others.

6>MR. FINCH- Sonny Finch
(Current 2nd year Fast Forward student)
This was his first audio project. A piece about his father's thrifty habits done in a very "This American Life" style.

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